The Angry Corrie 6: Mar-Apr 1992

They coulda been contenders:
Top Ten hillwalking pugilists

The footballing Munros mentioned in TAC5 triggered off memories of the Top Ten hillwalking pugilists:

  1. John L. Suilven
  2. Sgurr Ray Robinson...and his "twin peak"...
  3. Sgurr Ray Leonard
  4. Rocky Marciano (geddit!?)
  5. James J. Corbett
  6. Joe "Ben" Lui (aka the Hamish Brown Bomber)
  7. Cairn Buchanan
  8. Mohammed A'Liathach
  9. Nigel Benn Macduibank (surely that counts as two? - Ed.)
  10. Randolph Turpinnacle (demoted because of inaccessibility)

As for me, I never stood a chance because of Meall Glas jaw.

Words & pic by Ted Eames

Ed. - We've come up with another footballer too: Andy "Cairn" Goram. And how about mountaineering books? Surely there must be more than Climb and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevski and Jimmy Boyle's Ascents of Freedom.

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