The Angry Corrie 6: Mar-Apr 1992

Press Release... Colour Me Berghaus

NEW GORE-TEX fabrics and new colours will be seen on the Berghaus stands at ISPO and the UK Ski and Outdoor Leisure exhibition.
Of interest to colour buffs will be the Chameleon fabric, said to change its appearance depending on how the light hits it, rather like a credit card hologram. Made from a mix of 65 per cent nylon and 36 per cent polyester Chameleon has a shiny, metallic surface-texture but is soft to the touch. Colours available include bronze, burgundy, damson, sapphire and azure.
Extrem, the flagship range of Berghaus mountain garments, have also had some colour changes. Whilst retaining the 'classic' colour combinations, for instance of the Trango Extrem (royal/yellow/red), new colours are being added and old ones updated. A flame red and leaf green for highlighting are both new to the range.
All of these colour changes have come about through extensive, and expensive, research bought in from colour prediction houses.
The trends for the coming seasons are expected to be for 'rich autumnal' colours, with a strong, bright Scandinavian influence.

From "Mountain Ear: The outdoor trade paper", March 1992

Police and mountain rescue chiefs are today beginning their enquiry into the tragic death of Hector Toalie (29), whose body was eventually found after three weeks of exhaustive searching on the Cairngorm plateau. It seems certain that the cause of his death was his new Boghoose jacket. This extraordinary fact was revealed by Sergeant Alistair Gaiter of Grampian Police at a press briefing yesterday.

"It seems that Mr Toalie was wearing a new Glaurtex jacket made by Boghoose", said Sgt. Gaiter. "It's the latest hi-tech fabric, which changes colour depending on the surroundings and atmospheric conditions".

The unfortunate Toalie lost his bearings in thick mist, and must have wandered about for several hours before seeking shelter behind a small rock outcrop. His Boghoose jacket immediately assumed the colour of Cairngorm granite, and he became to all intents and purposes invisible. The tragedy was compounded by the fact that an area of low pressure remained stationary over the Cairngorms for nearly three weeks, hindering the many attempts at rescue. It was only when the sun eventually broke through the cloud last Tuesday that a party of walkers from the Jimmy Macgregor Appreciation Society Hillwalking Club spotted the body.

They caught sight of a small patch of red beside the rocks. This turned out to be a patch of red on the Glaurtex jacket, which was reflecting the colour of a jammy piece, pathetically clutched in Toalie's hand.

A spokesman for Boghoose, Mr Richard Head, said: "We are horrified at this. We never expected our jackets to be worn in the mountain environment".

The enquiry continues.

Libby Sinclair

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