The Angry Corrie 6: Mar-Apr 1992

Mountaineering Melodies No. 4: Weather with you

Everywhere you go
always take the weather with you...

Crowded House: Weather with you, 1992

Strange Antipodean notion this. For most folk in Britain, especially those North of the Border, the word "weather", used in isolation, equates with storms and gales, donner und blitzen, sturm und drang. High pressure, anticyclones et al don't really qualify as such, being mere interludes in the prevailing downpour. Hence this lyric represents one of three things. The ravings of a mad masochist who can't bear the thought of warm sun on dry skin; some kind of arcane Bagger's Creed adhered to by the Murdos of this world, who have signed a pledge never to venture out of doors without at least a Goretex pac-a-mac to hand; or smugfaced self-satisfaction by a bunch of Australian Neighbours rejects who have never had a decent drenching in their life.

Of course if, by "weather", the songsters do mean general meteorological conditions in all their eclectic variety, the lyric then represents a sub-existentialist truism: you have no choice but to take the weather with you unless journeying to the moon or some such place. But we won't go into that.

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