The Angry Corrie 5: Jan-Feb 1992

Stop Press... Munro Franchise Shock!

With Foinaven promoted to Munro status, the Government has decided to jump on the Munrobagging bandwagon. Frustrated with the restrictive practice of limiting Munros to a maximum of 280, and encouraged by the success of the Independent Television auction, the Scottish Office now plans to admit a number of new Munros each year on a franchise basis.

"Obviously each new Munro place should go to the highest cash bid", said a spokesman, "but there will be safeguards to ensure that each bidder has to satisfy certain minimum height standards."

And could existing Munros lose their franchises? Said climbing expert Hamish MacIceaxe, "It's certainly possible that the odd Geal Charn might be demoted, allowing bidders to put Stac Pollaidh, The Cobbler or even Dumgoyne into the tables. The possibilities are endless."

Already there is talk of Wallace Mercer bidding for at least a dozen Munros in the Pentlands, and Glasgow District Council have renamed the Queen's Park flagpole Stac Lally in anticipation of their bid.

Some sources suggest this could be the biggest privatisation yet, and the Government's greatest popular success since the Poll Tax.

David McVey

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