The Angry Corrie 5: Jan-Feb 1992

Opinions... The Munro Moneyspinner

Dave McFadzean ups the ante on the subject of The Munro Moneyspinner.

While Hamish Munro makes some valid points in his article in TAC4, he has for umpteen years now, as a member of the media circus, been making a good living form his writings about the hills. I feel it is unfair to blame him over his Mountain Walk book in relation to the upsurge in Munrobagging, as I don't think Hamish himself knew what he'd started; and I think he will have suffered more than a little by becoming a personality! In reading his books, I judge him as a person who cares about the mountains, not just making money out of them; it is, however, unfortunate that when you write, people take things out of context at a later date.

While Hamish cares about our hills, I feel people like Muriel Gray - with her blatant media hype, undisputed talents for good TV production, and mediocre broadcasting capabilities - have only a superficial concern for the hills. After the next few series of The Munro Show she will float off into the Torgulbin mists to hatch something new to catch the viewer's eye, leaving the hills to suffer from the influx of people that she has helped to create.

The Angry Corrie has also been caught up in this manmade (sic) Munro upsurge. (It's a fair cop Dave, but society's to blame. You've seen through our heavy disguise. TAC is the Provisional wing of Muriel's attempt at world media domination, as you'll realise on watching her new series!- conspiratorial Ed.) I wish I had a quid for every time Munro, or Munros, have been mentioned in the first four issues. There were even five Munro-oriented clues in the crossword, tut tut! I put down the challenge to produce an entirely Munro-free issue. Murdo could even be away on holiday!

I must admit my sympathy to the deerstalker, whose estate is bristling with Munros, compared with his neighbour's which has none. It's no wonder that some landowners are becoming less receptive, and that the unwritten understanding between them and us is beginning to break down.

The blame for this must surely lie with the writers, publishers, TV producers, gear manufacturers and bookshops, who are making money from the 3000ft criterion. There's plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the Scottish hills today, if only we spread the load a bit more evenly.

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