The Angry Corrie 5: Jan-Feb 1992

Mountaineering Melodies No. 3:
Justified and Ancient

They're justified and they're ancient
and they like to roam the land
...They're justified and they're ancient
and they drive an ice-cream van
...They were singing "All aboard,
all bound for Mu-Mu land..."

The KLF featuring Tammy Wynette. Justified and Ancient. 1991.

An unlikely coupling this, both musically and mountaineeringly. Rare the day when you meet a big bouffant blonde atop the Buachaille - her precisely permed hair failing dismally to billow in the breeze. Nor, for that matter, does one commonly stride out along the ridges in the company of Maori-Warrior lookalikes wearing the latest in pump-action trainers - even if your name happens to be Muriel Gray. But a song about the hills this surely is - or, rather, a song about those pre-eminent paradigms of justification, ancientness and land-roaming, the Scottish Mountaineering Club - whose admissions policy, until their recent acquiescence to the likes of Ms Wynette, was most certainly "Stand by your man". And as for the stuff about "Mu-Mu Land" - an oblique reference to yet another SMC Munrobagging book perhaps? Only the ice-cream van leaves us puzzled.

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