The Angry Corrie 5: Jan-Feb 1992

Church News

The Reverend Father Gregory, Rector of Little St Rubens (a charge of the Scottish Episcopal Church), is pleased to give notice of the first meeting of the group to be known as Munro Baggers Anonymous (or MBA for short), on the Feast day of St Simeon Stylites 1992.

The purpose of the group is to enable Munro Baggers kick the habit which is destroying their lives, their work ability, their friendships and their domestic arrangements. Every week the unfortunate bagger says "never again". Every week the promise is made that the garden will be dug, the car fixed, the windows cleaned - or even the children taken to see Rangers lose again.

BUT by Thursday the bagger is saying "I really wasn't that bad", or "Only one little one more, and then I'll have done enough", or "The others need me to do the navigation". AND... the bagger crawls home wet, weary and blistered to meet a spouse duly nursing wrath to keep it warm, and routinely promises "Never again..."

By meeting every Friday evening, the MBA will strengthen weak resolve, stiffen feeble wills and enable erstwhile baggers to see that a tick in Bennet is not all there is life. They really can spend Saturday afternoon watching A..y G..m pick the ball out of the net - and, after going happily to church with the family on Sunday, can with even greater glee watch the replay on TV.

So no blisters, no stinking socks to be washed, no expensive goretex torn, no gear left behind - and all by simply joining the MBA.

Bill Brockie

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