The Angry Corrie 4: Nov-Dec 1991

Star Letter (John Muir and Sheep)

Dear TAC,

I read with great interest the first two issues of your fanzine and quickly noted that the name Munro appeared frequently but nowhere did I find, not even in the wildlife section given over to sheep, a mention of John Muir. Now this avoidance of the use of these four letters may indicate some deep psychological upset or it may mean that you have never heard of John Muir and the John Muir Trust. This would be a great pity as John Muir had a number of good quotes on sheep and the Trust has an interest in Munros, owning one already and coveting more. You may find the following quote from Muir applicable to some Munroists, but not us of course:

'Sheep are driven into Hetch Hetchy every Spring, about the same time that an equal number of Tourists are driven into Yosemite; another coincident which is remarkably suggestive' - March 1873.

Is there any evidence of sheep completing all the Munros - or all except the ln.Pinn.?

I look forward to your next issue and mention of John Muir.

Yours etc

Dr Terry Isles

Director, John Muir Trust

Ed - Never wanting to be seen to have baulked constructive criticism, TAC's team of eager young investigative reporters set about remedying this omission in the grand manner. First came the discovery that a number of sheep were in fact driven to the top of the In. Pinn. by one of Hamish Brown's late lamented dogs during his little known coast-to-coast 'Ovine Challenge'. However, as they all plummeted to Coruisk this completion was never ratified by the SMC (who were also unhappy at the several ewes rumoured to be present).

Then, even more startlingly, our in-house genealogist has unearthed Muir's previously unknown pedigree. This shows connections with various stars of stage and screen, although thankfully not as yet with any Royalty. Most amazing of all, however, is that the esteemed 'green-eologist' would seem to be a great-uncle of TAC's own drug-crazed correspondent Dr. G.W. McSharkie - who has had to up his daily intake of the newly-illicit Upjohns to try to get over the shock.

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