The Angry Corrie 4: Nov-Dec 1991

Oh No.....It's the TAC Christmas Quiz!!!

Super 1st prize - Murdo Munro T-Shirt (see page 11 for details)

2nd prize - 1 year's free subscription to TAC.

Draw to be made at the Bells on Hogmanay. First two all-correct entries out of the balaclava will win, or nearest incorrect entries should no-one get all 8 questions right. State whether L or XL T-shirt preferred.

Entries to TAC, House 48, 170 Sandiefield Road, Glasgow G5 ODL no later than 30/12/91. Editors and employees of TAC, together with family and friends of Murdo Munro, need not bother competing.

  1. The shortest variant of the tourist path onto which well known Munro includes a 25ft vertical metal ladder?
  2. Where in the Highlands, other than Glen Coe, are there hotels named The Clachaig and The Kingshouse, approx. 9 miles apart?
  3. Odd one out, and why: Sgorr Dhonuill, Andrewhinney Hill, Carn Ealasaid, Sgurr Fiona, Ben Challum.
  4. Name the most easterly 2000ft hill wholly within Scotland. (Clue: could have been included as part of Q3.)
  5. There was once a famous edition of the late Russell Harty's chatshow in which he was physically assaulted by Grace Jones. Who was the other, hillwalking-related, guest that evening?
  6. Connection please between the recent Kincardine and Deeside by-election and the late lamented vistor's book in Ossian's Cave in Glen Coe.
  7. Name shared by an Indian city on the fringe of the Himalaya and an Ayrshire mining village on the fringe of Galloway?
  8. How many toes does Reinhold Messner have?

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