The Angry Corrie 3: Sep-Oct 1991

Fashion page No. 2

No great revolution in the habits of hillwalkers having taken place since TAC1. we feel forced to go into print yet again about the slavish following of fashion going on out there.


What on earth are these all about? People queuing up all over the place to buy them on the basis that they are "outdoor wear". In that case what on earth is indoor wear? - apart from lacy negligees, smoking jackets. slippers etc. And who among the wearers could honestly say they take enough things up a hill to half fill one of the pockets. Even Oor Wullie would be pushed.


Since when did a windcheater have to cost 40 quid? What Every Person Wants will do you one for about a tenner if you don't mind a small nautical emblem on it. Why does anyone want to look more like a sheep than they have to? Apparently they are soon going to be bringing out Goretex-lined fleecies. Which brings us to...


Okay so it has its place. No doubt about that. Jackets / cagoules very useful, agreed. Yeti gaiters - ludicrous with shorts but fatally attractive for typical Scottish days. But what exactly are Goretex socks all about? Or Goretex boots? The logical end of the line is of course the Goretex condom. It can only be a matter of time. "Let your penis breathe", will be the cry. "Better safe than sorry on the hill."


Apparently now the best selling line in many gear shops, horrible squiggly autograph and all. Chris Brasher was the man who set the pace for Roger Bannister, but would you get Linford Christie in to design your wedding dress?


Is there some sort of notion that the check holds the heat somehow? Keeps it in check even? What tosh! There are only 4 laws of thermodynamics - mostly to do with entropy and 1/2kT and not really concerned with stripes of different colours.

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