The Angry Corrie 1: May 1991

This land is your land...

  • Word filters through that the not-particularly-long-awaited golfcourse, designed by Tom Weiskopf and presently easily confused with the nearby and similarly half-built Luss bypass, is in financial trouble. The course - which, with its corporate membership and already mushrooming "Keep Out" signs, was never going to be much of a local amenity - is reputedly in the red to the tune of tens of millions. A case of financial fools rushing in perhaps? Or of Long Tom being a not-so-Weis or even a Dumkopf?

  • TLIYL loves to unearth tales of fisticuffs and fracas among the supposedly gentlemanly and genteel ranks of hillgoers. Hence a modicum of delight at a rather disturbing story from the shores of Loch Coruisk in remotest Skye. A source reports that on one particularly dark and stormy night, a party of Lochaberians had their tents shredded by a virulent gust sweeping down from the Cuillin. Unwilling to risk the long and treacherous exit march to either Sligachan or Camasunary, and fearful of benightment and possible exposure, they did the obvious and simple thing: chapped the door of the nearby Scottish Mountaineering Club hut. All's well that ends well, you would think: cagoules hanging dripping in front of the fire, steaming mugs of coffee to hand, a dram or two liberally dispensed. Except that the two resident English fellrunners suddenly came over all proprietorial and no-room-at-the-innish. Tempers flared, blows were exchanged, and in the ensuing chaos the not-so-welcoming custodians put their fellrunning skills to good use as they scarpered into the night - leaving the tentless campers with the intended roof over their heads but in less than ideal circumstances. The fact that several of the refugees were both SMC and mountain rescue team members only added to the absurdity. Our source also reports that the fellrunners' pedantry later resurfaced in an attempt to press charges, but that the Procurator Fiscal wasted no time in neatly turning the tables and refusing to entertain them.

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