The Angry Corrie 1: May 1991

The totally useless equipment guide No. 1:
The map case

Bad points & features:

  • Prone to half-strangle the wearer on anything other than windless days.
  • On the 1 day in 100 that is windless, flops about annoyingly at waist height like an old school satchel.
  • Fails to resolve the problem that 95% of all walks start or finish on the fold of the map, & thus require repeated cold-fingered footering.
  • Map still needs to be removed from case for accurate compasswork.
  • Water, once it seeps its way into the case, becomes well & truly trapped, forming itself into little beads which scurry like beetles across the map's surface.
  • Velcro strip designed to keep case watertight (a) doesn't last very long, (b) makes infuriating crackling noise each time it is opened, & (c) becomes entangled with similar velcro strips on cagoule.
  • Certain particularly bad designs of mapcase have so-called "grid-lines" marked on them. These invariably fail to fit the scale of map you are using, having been designed on the edicts of the South Korean Ordnance Survey.

Good points & features:

  • Useful on mid-Staffordshire rambles, when wet-day navigation along field-edge footpaths requires that more concentration be devoted to cartography than to admiration of the landscape, lest one inadvertently stray into the territory of an irate bull or snorting farmer.
  • Useful for sitting on at summits.
  • Saves on plate-carrying during camping trips.
  • Handy for wafting away flies & midges in late sumner.
  • Especially large & cumbersome mapcases serve well as sledges on icy descents.
  • Can be used to good effect when shovelling snow off the car windscreen.
  • Makes for a fine frisbee on the Cairngorm plateau in calm conditions - but watch out for those crags above Coire Etchachan!!

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