The Angry Corrie 1: May 1991

12 great mispronunciations of Scottish hills

  1. Sgurr Derg (rather than Sgurr Jerrack) for Sgurr Dearg.
  2. Dumyat (rather than Dum-eye-at) for Dumyat.
  3. Ben Bud for Beinn Bhuidhe.
  4. Ben Lawyers for Ben Lawers.
  5. Bookailly Etive Mor (1st word to rhyme with "ukulele") for Buachaille Etive Mor.
  6. Lee-a-gash/Lee-a-tash/Lee-a-gach/Lee-attack for Liathach. (Surely the correct one's in there somewhere? - confused Ed.)
  7. Sgurr da Doo Ben Ben for Sgurr Dubh na Da Bheinn (as in....I met him on a Monday & my heart stood still...)
  8. Ben Chonzie for Ben Chonzie (seems it ought to be Ben-y-Hone although does anyone know why?)
  9. Aonach Eagach: too many mispronunciations to mention. If in doubt, try "Aggy Ridge".
  10. Ben Eemie for Beinn Ime.
  11. Monoliths/Mona Lisa for Monadh Liath.
  12. Ben Arthur for The Cobbler.

(That's enough mispronounciasians - Ed.)

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